Inter-Art International ArtCamp Regulations

Inter-Art 2024 International ArtCamp
XXVIIth edition, 10-23 august 2024, Aiud, Romania


to the “Inter-Art” International Art Camp Aiud, Romania, XXVIIth edition
August 10-23, 2024

The place of the art camp: The “Bethlen Gábor” College, Aiud


The artists who wish to attend the camp will send a portfolio made of a couple of finished artworks:

  • until February 29th, 2024, 12:00 AM / arrival date of the map (Romanian time, UTC+02:00)
  • by email at [email protected]
    • email subject: Inter-Art Artcamp 2024
    • email size: max. 8 Mb.

/* if your subscription are not confirmed in max. 4 days please request by email.
Further claims are not accepted.

The portfolio will contain

  • The entry form (which can be downloaded from the “Inter-Art” Foundation’s web page:, or can be requested by email;
  • the artist’s CV;
  • 5 photos of recent works (please do not send more than 5 photos).

       Incomplete subscriptions/portfolios are not accepted.

Camp sections

  • painting;
  • sculpture;
  • graphic arts.


  • NO participation fee;
  • the artists will support their travel expenses.

We provide for free

  • accommodation in the “Bethlen Gábor” College premises, 2-3 people in large rooms with 6 beds, shower and toilet in each room. Single room is not provided. The rooms do not have air conditioning, the organizers can only provide portable fans;
  • three meals a day. The menu is normal, uniform (no individualized menus provided). Menu without pork is provided for artists of the Muslim religion. We do NOT provide vegetarian menu!
  • transportation from the Cluj Napoca airport, railway or bus station from Aiud, Teiuş, Alba Iulia;
  • basic materials for
    • painting (5 pieces of different sizes of canvas,) We provide JUST acrylic colors.
    • Oil paintings are not accepted even with the colors of the artists!
    • sculpture (marble, andesite, travertine). We assure basic tools (big and small grinder, drill machine, compressor, disc for marble and stone)
    • engraving (plates for aquaforte, dry point, linocut, colography).

/* For each section please bring your personal tools!

The participants’ works

At the end of the camp, the participants will donate artworks to the organizers as follows:
– sculptors: 1 work;
– graphic artists: 4 works;
– painters: 3 works;

  • each artist will be registered in his/her respective section and will have his/her works exhibited as such at the end of the camp;
  • this will not prevent the artists from working on other techniques during the camp;
  • at the final selection of the works, the jury reserves the right to exhibit or not the works of the participating artist, depending on the value level of the works presented;
  • the artists have the obligation to present for the final selection all the works created during the camp.

Participation rules


– only a full-time participation throughout the entire period of the camp is accepted! Accommodation and meal services for selected artists being purchased the organizers do not accept any participation cancel except for very serious reasons.

Artists’ arrival date: August 9th, 2024.
Official opening: August 11th, 2024.
Closing exhibition: August 23rd, 2024.
Artists’ leaving date: August 24th, 2024.

  • organizers can provide free accommodation just between 9-24 august;
  • according to your flight possibilities for the arrival in the camp out of the free of charge period, the organizers can offer information regarding the paid accommodation places in Aiud and surroundings;
  • the camp’s program, the duration, the list of people invited are decided by the Board of Directors of the “Inter-Art” Foundation;
  • the number of participants is limited, according to the financial possibilities of the organizers;
  • there is no permanent list of participants; every year a new list is drafted, independently from the previous years. Our focus is to have a list made of artists from as many parts of the world as possible. There is no discrimination based on gender, age, religion, nationality or political affiliation;
  • artists don’t have permanent membership status, but they can be invited multiple times;
  • when the lists of participants are formed, we take into account the artistic level of the person, in the case of artists who have already participated his/her social behavior during the camp, the integration into the camp’s program and spirit, his/her contribution to increase the event’s artistic level. The organizers of the camp will make up the lists according to this set of criteria;
  • any artist has the possibility to forward a participation request. The organizers have the right to accept or deny this application on the grounds of the present set of regulations. The decisions taken are definitive. Contestations are not accepted;
  • the accepted artists are invited in the camp, after an initial assessment of the portfolio, through an official address sent by the Board of Directors of the “Inter-Art” Foundation;
  • medical insurance is mandatory for the duration of the artist’s stay in Romania (the artist will show the insurance to the medical staff of the camp upon coming to the camp);

Please apply for participation just if your health allow you to do this!

For further information:  Stefan Balog (president, “Inter-Art” Foundation)
tel. +4 (0)723 969 911, email: [email protected]
The “Inter-Art” Foundation Board