The “Inter-Art” Foundation
Aiud, Romania

The “Inter-Art” Foundation was set up in 1996 and proposes an alternative approach to contemporary art, as a link between civilizations and cultures, opening a worldwide arena for contemporary artists thanks to his active founding members Ștefan Balog, Ioan Hădărig, Robert Lixandru and those who have joined them over the time in coordinating projects: Zoltán Balog, Elena Cristea and Andrei Bakó. The basic principles and purposes are: representing contemporary art, discovering an area of cultural interference between artists from Romania and around the world and the organization of an international art camp in Aiud which aims to bring a new perspective to the contemporary art scene each year.

Exhibitions organized by the “Inter-Art” Foundation (selected)

Inter-Art camps retrospective exhibitions

  • Romanian Literature Museum in Bucharest, Romania (February 2001)
  • Naval Museum in Istanbul, Turkey (June 2001)
  • National Museum of Unification, Alba Iulia, Romania (August 2015)
  • Museum of Art, Cluj Napoca, Romania (August 2017)

Romanian Art exhibitions

  • Artists Centre, Mumbay, India (March 2001)
  • “Atelier the Artists” Gallery, Cairo, Egypt (October 2003)
  • Garden Studio, Petion Ville, Haiti (November 2013)
  • Uccle Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium (December 2013)
  • Sasaran, Malaysia (November 2014)
  • Yinchuan, Ningxia, China (September 2016)
  • Cusset/Vichy, Franța (September 2017)
  • “Multicultural Identities”, National Museum of Unification, Alba Iulia, Romania (December 2018)
  • “Multicultural Identities”, United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA (Mai 2019)

Inter-Art International exhibitions

  • “Shagun” Gallery Mumbay, India (December 2003)
  • Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC, USA (October 2008, September 2011)
  • United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA (March 2009, September 2013, December 2015)
  • “Visual Arts Spring” event in Rabat, Morocco (June 2009)
  • “Time Gallery” Vienna, Austria (November 2009)
  • Vichy and Chatel Montagne, France (May 2011)
  • New Arts Program, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA (September 2011)
  • European Parliament Headquarter, Brussels, Belgium (March 2013)
  • Palais des Nations Geneva, Switzerland (March 2015)
  • Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania (May 2016)
  • National Library, Bucharest, Romania (June 2016)
  • “Cultural impressions” art exhibition, OK Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (September 2019)
  • “Cultural impressions” art exhibition, Ethiopian Academy of Sciences – Addis Abeba, Ethiopia (January 2023)

In Memoriam Exhibitions

  • Eva Mazzucco – Gyomaendrőd, Hungary (March 2014)
  • “Inter-Art & Jacek”, History Museum of Transylvania, Cluj Napoca, Romania (September 2014)

Inter-Art Evenings

  • “Inter-Art Evening in New York”, 1st edition, Romanian Cultural Institute (September 2013, December 2015, November 2017 ), ”Saint Andrew” Church, Queens, New York (May 2019, September 2022), “The Ice House” Bethlehem, USA (September 2022)
  • “Inter-Art Evening in Brussels”, Arthis, Brussels, Belgium (June 2018 )

Interethnic exhibitions
(in partnership with the Department for Interethnic Relations – General Secretariat of the Government, Romania)

“Images of diversity”

  • Cotroceni National Museum, Bucharest, Romania (December 2016, December 2018)
  • 1989 Revolution Memorial, Timișoara, Romania (September 2017)
  • Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland (November 2017)
  • European Parliament Headquarter, Brussels, Belgium (June 2018)
  • Smiths Tower, Sighișoara, Romania (August 2018)
  • Museum of Art, Tulcea, Romania (September 2018)
  • Museum of Bucovina, Suceava, Romania (September 2019)
  • The German Forum, Sibiu, Romania (October 2019)

Online exhibitions

  • Solidarity for community, interethnic virtual exhibition of contemporary art (May 2020)

Projects organized by the “Inter-Art” Foundation (selected)

The international art camp from Aiud was created in 1996 at the initiative of fine artist Stefan Balog and gathered in 26 editions over 340 artists from 68 countries. The studios (painting, graphics, engraving, sculpture, installations) exhibitions and symposiums have contributed to making this camp one of the most important in the world.  The International Youth Creative Camp was also organized for 10 years. This camp was designed for young people between the ages of 12 and 16 and brought together over 160 young artists from 9 countries. “Trance Mixion” computer music concert, performed by Sorin Anca and Robert Lixandru (1999, 2000). In August 2000 the “Inter-Art” Galleries were inaugurated. The 10th edition of the “Inter-Art” International Art Camp is celebrated with the inauguration of the Inter-Art Contemporary Art Gallery (the future museum).

In May 2008, the “Inter-Art” Foundation organized the “Prison Art” Camp, which took place in the Maximum Security Prison in Aiud, with the participation of 10 visual artists from Austria, Haiti, Morocco, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, along with 7 imprisoned people.

Inauguration of the Small sculpture park in Rome Square, Aiud with works created in the “Inter-Art” camps Aiud (October 2016).

The “Inter-Art” Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics 2006 – 2023 (9 editions) gathered 935 works from 74 countries.

The International Mail Art Exhibitions, initiated by Ioan Hădărig. So far 29 editions have been organized on different themes. The “Inter-Art” Workshop of Photographic Art, an event of photographic investigation and creation for photographers eager to experience the “Inter-Art phenomenon” in Aiud (July 2017). The “Inter-Art” Intercontinental Children Art Exhibition 2020 – 2023 (4 editions) gathered 460 works from 40 countries. Graphic feelings 2020, online exhibition gathered 66 artists works from 50 countries (October 2020).


In spring 2000, at the initiative of the “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud and by the decision of the Local Council, Aiud municipality received the title “City of Arts” as recognition for the important artistic events which took place.

The cultural medal of the Vichy municipality in France at the, the 54th edition of the Bourbonnaise Art Exhibition (April 2010).

The High Patronage of the President of Romania, granted at the initiative of the “Inter-Art”Foundation Aiud and Department for Interethnic Relations – General Secretariat of the Government, Romania.
– Interethnic Camp of Contemporary Art (5 – 15 June 2018)
– “Images of Diversity” exhibition – European Parliament Brussels (26 – 30 June 2018)
– “Multicultural Identities”, Romanian Contemporary Art Exhibition, New York, UN Headquarters, 27 – 31 of May, 2019

The “Inter-Art” Foundation has contacts with similar organisations and artists from 192 countries from all continents.


The International Humor Festival Aiud, under the auspices of Ștefan Popa Popa’s (2004 – 2023)
Partners: “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud, Aiud City Hall and Local Council

The ART-Aiud International Photo and Film Festival (2004 – 2019)
Partners: “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud, Aiud City Hall and Local Council

The Wine Art International Graphic Art Camp  (2007, 2008- Alba Iulia)
Partner: Jidvei Company

The “Silk Road China Better Yinchuan”  International Art Camp (September 2016)
Partner: Art Association Yinchuan

 The Interethnic Camp of Contemporary Art Aiud which reunited – in a national premiere – 34 contemporary artists belonging to the 21 ethnicities with representation in the Parliament of Romania (2016, 2018, 2023).
Partners: Department for Interethnic Relations – General Secretariat of the Government, Romania, Aiud City Hall and Local Council, “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud 

International Symposium of Marble Sculpture “100 – The Touch of Time” Aiud, Romania, initiated by the Aiud City Hall and Local Council (May 2018).
Partners: Aiud City Hall and Local Council, “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud