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Application to the “Inter-Art” International Art Camp 2024 Aiud, Romania, XXVIIth edition, August 10-23, 2024…

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CULTURAL DIVERSITIES Interethnic exhibition of Contemporary Romanian Art 50 artists – 21 ethnical groups Event…

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The “Inter-Art” Foundation, established in 1996 and propose an alternative approach to contemporary art. It acts as a liaison between civilizations and cultures, and provides …

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Thanks to his active founding members Ștefan Balog, Ioan Hădărig, Robert Lixandru and to those who joined them in time in coordinating the projects: Zoltán Balog, Elena Cristea and Andrei Bakó.

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Application to the “Inter-Art” International Art Camp 2024 Aiud, Romania, XXVIIth edition, August 10-23, 2024…

Inter-Art Mailart Exhibition with theme “Hope” The “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud launches a new challenge for…

Inter-Art Mailart Exhibition with theme “Apollo-the God of Light” We dedicate this Mail Art exhibition…

Klaus IohannisH.E. Klaus Werner Iohannis

Intercontinental Online Art Exhibition
”UNITED NATIONS – symbol of life, freedom & happiness”, 2020-2021

Event dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations

"... I would like to congratulate the "Inter-Art" Foundation for the accomplishment of this project, whose composing works create an original expression of modern art. Art has always been the universal language that brought people together, beyond space and time."

H.E. Klaus Werner Iohannis
President of Romania
Sergiu NistorSergiu Nistor

Expo Cultural Diversities
Los Angeles, USA, November 27th 2023

"The exhibition “Cultural Diversity” is held under the patronage of the President of Romania, who wishes to emphasize the importance of protecting and presenting the cultural diversity of the country, as well as its significance for Romania’s contribution to the European peace project. The Inter-Art Foundation is characterized by a long-standing and solid effort to present works of visual art as an expression of the identity of the national minorities in Romania, both to national and European audiences and to people overseas. In Aiud, a multicultural Transylvanian community, a fruitful creative camp has been held for 27 years, bringing together visual artists who, through their origins and work, represent Romania’s ethnic and cultural diversity. Their works conveyed a message of the viability of intercultural dialogue, as seen in Geneva, New York, and now Los Angeles - important as ever in a time marked by confrontations based on hate speech, xenophobia, and racism."

Prof. Sergiu Nistor, Arch., PhD
Presidential Adviser for Culture, Religions and National Minorities
Lucia SavaLucia Sava

Expo Cultural Diversities
Los Angeles, USA, November 27th 2023

"The Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles has the pleasure to host an exceptional exhibition of contemporary art highlighting cultural diversity, an event organized in collaboration with the “Inter-Art” Aiud Foundation and under the High Patronage of the President of Romania, H.E. Klaus Werner Iohannis. The exhibition “Cultural diversities”, conceived around an interethnic approach, promotes inclusion, respect and appreciation for the richness and uniqueness of each culture. It helps to break down stereotypes and build bridges between different communities."

Lucia Sava
Consul General of Romania in Los Angeles
Simona MiculescuAmbassador Simona Miculescu

Expo "Nations - Water - Cultures"
United Nations Headquarters, New York, September 9th, 2013

"...It is my great pleasure to be able to facilitate another fascinating exhibition, made possible through the tireless effort of Inter-Art Foundation from Aiud, Romania. The Inter-Art exhibition, that includes works of art from more than 100 countries, on the United Nations backdrop, is a standing proof that multiculturalism is one of the most valuable treasures of humanity."

Ambassador Simona Miculescu
Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN