Expo Los Angeles “Cultural Diversities” 27 nov. 2023


Interethnic exhibition of Contemporary Romanian Art

50 artists – 21 ethnical groups

Event held under the High Patronage of the President of Romania

Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles – 27th of November, 2023

The poster
of the event

The High Patronage of the President of Romania

The catalogue of the event
(download PDF)

Exhibition Opening Reception

27th of November, 2023 at 7.00 PM, Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles

Artists in the exhibition

Anghiuş Locker Viktor: German community
Balog Stefan: Hungarian community
Balog Zoltán: Hungarian community
Besu Marieta: Romanian community
Boeriu Mircea : Romanian community
Boicescu Traian Ştefan: Italian community
Caratănase Răzvan Constantin: Romanian community
Cociş Cosmin: Romanian community
Cozma Georgiana: Romanian community
Cristea Elena: Romanian community
Culuş Bianca: Romanian community
Darida Alexandru: Romanian community
Dub Vasile: Jewish community
Dumitrescu Mirela: Macedonian community
Gheorghe Munteanu: Ukrainian community
Gnandt Stefan: German community
Horváth Gyöngyvér: Hungarian community
Iaia Ferodin: Tatar community
Ifrim Lacme: Turkish community
Ionescu Berechet Cristina: Greek community
Ispas Alexandru Nicolae: Romanian community
Karkus Blazena Miroslava: Slovak community
Lavrente Irina: Lipovan Russian community
Lipot Ştefan: Romanian community
Lixandru Robert: Hungarian community

Lovász Noemi: Hungarian community
Lucaciu Adriana: Romanian community
Mirea Nevena: Serbian community
Mleziva Iosif: Czech community
Nanciu Denis: Roma community
Nani Corina: Romanian community
Neagu Ecaterina: Hungarian community
Oprisa Cristina Gloria: Romanian community
Oprişan Letiţia: Romanian community
Panighianţ Ovidiu: Armenian community
Pîrvan Rus Lelia: Romanian community
Poca Ecaterina: Romanian community
Rus Andreea: Romanian community
Sas Anca: Romanian community
Semenescu Kureta Oriola: Albanian community
Sepi Valeriu: German community
Simionescu Atena: Romanian community
Strugaru Rodica: Romanian community
Ştirbu Gheorghe: Romanian community
Tincul Adrian: Croatian community
Tomaselli Angela: Italian community
Truţulescu Marian: Romanian community
Ungureanu Constantin: Ruthenian community
Vasilcin Ivan: Bulgarian community
Zapotoţchi Cristina Emanuela: Polish community

Opening speech

H.E. Lucia Sava,
Consul General of Romania in Los Angeles

Mr. Dincer Geafer,
Undersecretary of State –
Department for Interethnic Relations, Government of Romania

Exhibition Curator

Stefan Balog,
President, “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud

Opening Reception

Monday, 27th of November, 2023 at 7.00 PM
Consulate General of Romania in Los Angeles
(11766 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200)

Book presentations

Poems” by Patricia Goodrich & Ioan Hădărig
Dialogue with Bacovia“ by Stefan Balog
Guide to the permanent exhibition of the Aiud Museum of Natural Sciences, Volume I“ by Ramona Elena Mărginean, Iulia Diana Ștefănescu, Aurica Ileana Negru
Images of diversity“ by the Department for Interethnic Relations – Government of Romania and the “Inter-Art“ Foundation Aiud, Romania
My Aiud“ by Robert Lixandru & Ioan Hădărig
Alba Iulia – Images engraved in time“ by Stefan Balog
Visual Poems: Dickinson and Blaga“ album of the Romanian-American engraving exhibition
Graphic feelings“ album of the “Inter-Art” International Graphic Exhibition 2020
Solidarity for the community“ Online Interethnic Exhibition Album 2020
Visions and thoughts“ by Zoltan Balog & Stefan Balog

Presented by
Ioan Hădărig, Art Director, “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud

Romanian music performance

Daniel & Dan Avram