Multicultural Identities

art exhibition at the
United Nations Headquarters in New York

100 Romanian artists representing 15 different ethnical groups
Opening Reception
Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 at 6.30 pm
United Nations Headquarters, New York

Multicultural Indentities

Event held under the High Patronage of the President of Romania

Multicultural Indentities is a large Romanian art exhibition showing 100 artists from the homeland and Diaspora, featuring 15 ethnic groups with representation in the Romanian Parliament.

This artistic project is hold from 28 to 31 May 2019 at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The event is initiated by the “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud and is organized in partnership with the Romanian Permanent Mission at the UN, the Department for Interethnic Relations - Government of Romania, the Romanian Cultural Institute, City Hall Aiud, “L. Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud, City Hall Alba Iulia.

The event is under the High Patronage of the President of Romania, HE Klaus Werner Iohannis.

The "Inter-Art" Foundation has always emphasized the value of each organized project, quality being the most important criterion in the selection and evaluation process, thus proving that in our country through art we can create a better world, a world of freedom and coexistence, cooperation and understanding, unity between people, nations and cultures.

President of Romania
the High Patronage
for the

Multicultural Identities
Romanian Contemporary Art Exhibition

– New York, 27 - 31 of May, 2019 –

”Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud, Romania
Department for Interethnic Relations - General Secretariat of the Government, Romania

President of Romania
Klaus-Werner Iohannis

Sergiu Nistor
Presidential Adviser


This exhibition feature works from 100 Romanian artists representing 15 different ethnical groups

Ada Muntean, Adrian Sandu, Adriana Lucaciu, Albert Sándor, Alexandra Popescu-York, Alexandru Darida, Alexandru Jakabhazi, Alexandru Papuc, Alexandru Rădulescu, Alexandru Rădulescu jr., Amira Ivancea, Ana Jilinschi, Ana Pantea, Anca Cobzaru, Anca Sas, Andor Kőmives, Andrea Szőcs, Andreea Rus, Andrei Bakó, Angela Tomaselli, Atena Simionescu, Attila Horváth, Aurel Sârbu, Bianca Boeroiu, Blazena Miroslava Karkus, Bogdan Degan, Brândușa Bontea, Constantin Catargiu, Corina Nani, Cosmin Cociș, Costin Brătianu, Crenguţa Macarie, Cristian Ianza, Cristina Gloria Oprișa, Dan Crecan, Dan Hauptcorn, Daniela Csiri, Daniela Ortelecan, Daniela Stănoiu, Dorel Găină, Dorothea Fleiss, Ecaterina Poca, Elena Cristea, Eleonora Lucia Păscuţ, Elis Agi-Veli, Elisabeth Ochsenfeld, Enikő Szűcs, Estela Răileanu, Eugen Măcinic, Fedin Chelmambet, Florina Gașpar, Georgeta Cobzaru-Nicudis, Georgiana Cozma, Gerd Messmann, Gheorghe Munteanu, Gheorghe Știrbu, Gyöngyvér Horváth, Gyöngyvér Kléh, Horaţiu Lăpusan, Ioan Hădărig, Ioana Chiș, Ion Tiţoiu, Iosif Mleziva, Irina Florescu, István Damó, Lelia Rus Pîrvan, Leonard Vartic, Letiţia Oprişan, Livia Bar, Lucian Székely, Mária Fülöp, Marian Truţulescu, Mariana Șerban, Marieta Besu, Maximilian Boeriu, Mena Zapotoţchi, Mihaela Bakó, Mira Marincaș, Mirela Dumitrescu, Mirela Trăistaru, Nicolae Ispas, Noémi Kusztos, Noémi Lovász, Olga Știrbu, Oriola Kureta Semenescu, Ovidiu Panighianț, Răzvan-Constantin Caratănase, Robert Lixandru, Rodica Strugaru, Stefan Balog, Stefan Gnandt, Steluţa Guţiu, Ștefan Lipot, Tiberiu Balázs, Traian Boicescu, Tudor George Tiţoiu, Victor Cacovean, Viktor Anghius Locker, Zoltán Balog, Zsuzsa Szemák.

Event held under the High Patronage of the President of Romania


”Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud, Romania
Department for Interethnic Relations
   - General Secretariat of the Government, Romania
City Hall Aiud, Romania
City Hall Alba Iulia, Romania

Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations
Romanian Cultural Institute New York
Ministry of Culture and National Identity of Romania
"Liviu Rebreanu" Cultural Center Aiud, Romania


Multicultural Identities

Art exhibition at the
United Nations Headquarters in New York

100 Romanian artists representing 15 different ethnical groups
Opening Reception
Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 at 6.30 pm
United Nations Headquarters, New York
Curved Wall area of the Conference Building, first floor
Entrance from 46th Street

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Exhibition thoughts

Sergiu Nistor
Presidential Adviser, Presidential Administration, Romania

Romania has been and is a country of diversity. The initiatives of the Inter-Art Foundation Aiud are meant to highlight the cultural potential of plurality. In recent years, Inter-Art events have always represented an opportunity to emphasize the way in which ethnic minorities in Romania contribute to outline a unique cultural environment. That is why the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis, has granted the High Patronage to the exhibition "Multicultural Identities".

We welcome the initiative of the Inter-Art Foundation and of the Department for Interethnic Relations to present this original project at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Here is the best place to show how the Romanian citizens belonging to several ethnic minorities see the world we live in today. It is a message of peace and harmonious coexistence.

On behalf of the President of Romania I wish the exhibition "Multicultural Identities" to reach a wide, interested and diverse public.

Dr. Ion Jinga
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Romania to the United Nations

The Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations welcomes the art exhibition on multicultural identities and supports Inter-Art Foundation from Aiud - Romania to organize this event at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Using art as a tool for promoting dialogue between people coming from different communities and cultural identities is a clear message of Romania's commitment to showcase at the United Nations its own model of multiculturalism.

Laczikó Enikő Katalin
State Secretary Department for Interethnic Relations,
General Secretariat of the Government of Romania

Culture is the most efficient ambassador in the world. Culture represents knowledge, and above all, recognition of our own values, because the concept of culture only makes sense in the wider context of the interaction among people. It is not enough to think of culture as an accumulation of values throughout time, culture is an act of defining identity, of belonging to humanity - is an open window, a bridge to universal civilization.

We are proud of our rich and diverse cultural heritage, which created and creates authentic and sustainable values. Through diversity we can observe the differences between cultures and also the beauty of their presence in one place. Cultural diversity is based on tolerance and being surrounded by ideas, concepts, beliefs and personalities shaped by different backgrounds.

The Department for Interethnic Relations always shows its openness to support programs that aim to bring together all the artists belonging to different ethnicities and to promote them and their works on national and international level. Recognition and awareness of cultural differences and identities expressed and represented by the artists aim to enrich the intercultural dialogue, enhanced by the exhibition Multicultural Identities organized at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Valer-Daniel Breaz
Minister of Culture and National Identity

The “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud - Romania, through its specificity has become a symbol for the idea of ​​preserving and promoting the cultural-identity values ​​of the Romanians, being recognized not only nationally but also internationally. The featured works, this time, under a defining concept for the Romanian spirituality - "Multicultural Identities" - capture a strong message: the power of art to reflect dialogue and unity in diversity, whether we are talking about ideas, traditions or artistic styles. This cultural reverence is symbolic, dedicated to the anniversary of the Centenary of the Great Union of Romanians and the fact that it brings together representative works for 100 Romanian artists from the homeland and the Diaspora, of different ethnicities, marks the plurality of the artistic vision. We consider that the Romanian contemporary art is faithfully reflected by the artists who are challenged to express the creativity regarding their own profound identity and we especially appreciate the flow of the imaginary and the joy of the artists to testify about their belonging to a culture with a special dignity: the Romanian one.

Krizbai Béla Dan
Vicepresident, Romanian Cultural Institute

The Romanian Cultural Institute enthusiastically supports this special project, meant to promote Romanian contemporary art on a less approached level: that of multiculturalism.

Including a wide geographical area and adding 100 visual artists from 15 ethnic groups, the Multicultural Identity Exhibition includes suggestive works of art that bring to the attention of the public a special world, unusual in the originality and challenges which proposes to the visitor. The fact that this event will take place under the High Patronage of the President of Romania urges us to assume the role of partners and to support it with honor, to be with other institutions and organizations that considered the initiative of the Inter-Art Foundation represents a valuable exercise with positive impact to the image of Romania in the world.

Thus, talented artists who have risen from the ranks of national minorities will become - this time - the ambassadors of Romanian culture over the seas and oceans of the world.

Gabriel Pleșa, Deputy Mayor, Alba Iulia City Hall

We are absolutely convinced that any form of art is meant to widen our horizons. Alba Iulia must be regarded as a place of the Romanian cultural values ​​at national level, through everything that is representative as a historical heritage, but also through the everyday work of those who through art and pure creation will be able to surprise anyone in the coming years, regardless of generation.

That is why it is worth to stand up, support and applaud the passion and love for the art and beauty of all those who represent it in all its forms, in galleries, museums, exhibitions or on the open stage.

Thank you that through what you are doing you turn us into more communicative people, more open to ourselves and our kind and we wish you success in everything you do.

Iulia Adriana Oana Badea, Mayor, Aiud City Hall
Dr. Lőrincz Helga, Deputy Mayor, Aiud City Hall

Aiud, a town in the middle of Transylvania with 726 years of documentary evidence, has been the place where Romanians, Hungarians, Saxons, Russians and other ethnic groups worked, created and coexisted in peace and harmony. Multiculturalism has flourished here every spring.

Just as the European Union is an example of the fact that people prosper together, not separately, the “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud and the "Liviu Rebreanu" Cultural Center Aiud in partnership with the local authority, through the events they organize and the artists they gather together, is a testimony of the fact that art becomes more perfect when people with different identities cooperate.

Aiud has been declared a "city of arts," here people are truly "united in diversity," and we, the local executive, will ensure that multiculturalism thrives and flourishes every spring.

Stefan Balog
President, “Inter-Art” Foundation, Aiud

This project is entirely dedicated to the Romanian contemporary art, in all its complexity. The exhibition presents 100 artistis from the homeland and diaspora, representing -besides the Romanian majority- 14 minorities from the Romanian Parliament

"Multicultural Identity" is an interethnic approach that emphasizes the multicultural segment of a modern Romania, the inestimable value we have. The High Patronage granted by the President of Romania H.E. Klaus Iohannis is the supreme appreciation we could hope for, a recognition that honors us but also compels us to demonstrate whenever we have the opportunity that art is the best ambassador in the world. Thank you to those who have believed in us and are joining us at this event: the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations, the Department of Interethnic Relations - the Romanian Government, the Romanian Cultural Institute, Aiud City Hall, Alba Iulia City Hall, Liviu Rebreanu Cultural Center Aiud. Returning for the fourth time to UN headquarters in New York with an Inter-Art brand exhibition is a beautiful dream come true, our chance as a cultural foundation in Romania to present itself on the most important world stage.

Ioan Hădărig
Manager, "Liviu Rebreanu" Cultural Center Aiud

"Multicultural Identities: 100 Artists - 15 Ethnics" (Albanian, Armenian, Czech, German, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Hungarian, Romanian, Ruthenian, Serbian, Slovak, Tatar, Turkish, Ukrainian) is one of the most representative fine art exhibition proposed by the “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud. Considered as an artistic approach aimed to promote multiculturalism in art, the exhibition gathers 100 artists (both established artists and young creators) from homeland and abroad, into a curatorial concept that amplifies contemporary artistic spaces and areas and creates a new multicultural dimension.

The large, exciting and unique Romanian art exhibition represents a moment of excellence for the organized events and an important promoting project of the values ​​of contemporary art, underlining the creation, humanistic ideals, the achievement of an artistic phenomenon beyond the barriers of time through conscious and voluntary involvement in defining the creative dimension of art, in respecting human values.

The project continues the series of extensive "Inter Art Aiud" art exhibitions made in the last 10 years in major artistic centers around the world: Washington, New York (USA), Vienna (Austria), Geneva (Switzerland), Brussels (Belgium), Mumbai (India), Istanbul (Turkey), Vichy (France), Rabat (Morocco) etc.


Fundaţia "Inter-Art", Aiud, Romania

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Anca Sas

Ioan Hădărig
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