Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics „Inter-Art” Aiud
the VIIIth edition, August, 2021

Bienala Intercontinentala de Grafica Mica “Inter-Art”

Organized by / Organizată de
“Infer-Art” Foundation Aiud / Fundația “Inter-Art” Aiud
“Liviu Rebreanu” Multicultural Center Aiud / Centrul Multicultural “Liviu Rebreanu” Aiud


Grand Prize: Atena Elena Simionescu (Romania)

Artists in the exhibition / Artiști în expoziție

Mali: Hama Goro
Togo: Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani

Argentina: Liliana Esteban, Gauvri Floki, Raquel Gociol, Mariana Felcman, Perla Bajder
Brasil: Gerson Ipiraja, Dione Rabelo
Canada: Susie Veroff
Peru: Olga Flores, Olga Verme-Mignot
Mexico: Elena Pomar

China: Xia Li
Lebanon: Lena Kelekian, Hagop Sulahian

Albania: Oriola Kureta Semenescu
Armenia: Nune Sargsyan
Austria: Christine Kertz
Belarus: Svetlana Volosiuk, Olga Tereshchenko
Belgium: Rita Vandevorst
Bosnia & Hercegovina: Sljivo Husein
Denmark: Rich Dethlefsen
Germany: Viktor Anghius Locker, Michael Wagner
Greece: Ioannis Anastasiou
Ireland: Padraic Reaney
Italy: Mariela Canchari (Maca’n)
Montenegro: Jelena Jovancov
Norway: Jaromir Svozilik
North Macedonia: Elena Gjorgjevska
Poland: Eugeniusz Delekta, Pawel Delekta, Lukasz Cywicki, Roksana Zelazkiewicz, Maja Dokudowicz
Russia: Vitana Makovskaya
Serbia: Dalibor Milojkovic, Milos Djordjevic, Nikola Pavlović
Slovenia: Vlado Goreski
Spain: Ioana Aida Furnica
Sweden: Tibor Jaeger
Switzerland: Vera Staub
Turkey: Beyzanur Türkoğlu, Irem Nur Karaca, Fadime Nur Cayir, Gülșah Balci, Duygu Sabancilar, Gökçe Aysun Kaya, Selvihan Kilic Ates
Ukraine: Andrew Levitsky

Gabriela Diana Bohnstedt Gavrilaș, Ivan Vasilcin, Oana-Cătălina Gavriliu, Daniela Areta Voștinar, Ruxandra Ștefania Munteanu, Teodor Ștefan, Andrei Alexandru Pantea, Gheorghe Munteanu, Elena Felicia Selejan, Elena Cristea, Anca Sas, Ecaterina Neagu, Cristian Porumb, Meda Cotuna, Rodica Strugaru, Florin-Alexandru Preda, Florin-Preda Dochinoiu, Oara Larisa Mutu Mindoiu, Lucica Filimon, Nicoleta – Cristina Cărare, Simona Damo, Simona Gocan, Răzvan Dragos, Attila Gombos, Constantinescu Ana, Ioana Alexandra Bartha, Andrei-Răzvan Neciu, Sandu Ana-Maria, Bianca I.Bondoc, Roxana Dumitrov, Alisha Lovin, Chelsea Annemarie Grigoraș, Noemi Anamaria Petro, Laura Maria Finta, Karina Panciu, Maria-Andreea Calotă, Emilia Sandu, Daniel Apostu, Petre Lavrente, Irina Lavrente, Deborah – Erzsebet Nagy, Laura Duduleanu, Atena Elena Simionescu, Păscuț Eleonora Lucia, Cristina Stratulat, Zuzu Caratănase, Dorel Găină, Mena Zapototchi, Stefan Balog

The Jury

Răzvan-Constantin CARATĂNASE
visual artist, lect. univ. the „Ovidius” University from Constanța, Romania and member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Visual Artists from România

Member I
visual artist, prof. univ. dr. at the University of Art and Design from Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Member II
Anca Georgiana SAS
visual artist, designer, curator

Elena Cristea
visual artist, administrative director, “Inter-Art” Foundation

We should thank the”INTER-ART” Foundation Aiud/Romania, for having managed to organize the 8th edition of the “Inter-Art” Intercontinental Biennale of Small Graphics, Aiud, 2021. BIGMIA is one of the most important events in the international space that has in mind the creation of small graphics. Moreover, BIGMIA-8 was supposed to take place in 2020, but because of the pandemic it was postponed until 2021, as has happened with several cultural, scientic, sporting, etc. events around the world.

BIGMIA-8 gathers many plastic artists from dierent countries and generations but also with dierent styles. From well-known artists with outstanding careers to the emerging young artists who are beginning to become a landmark in ne art.

All creators are under the sign of an artistic convergence, of a community in which the image is fundamental and vital for the exercise of artistic language. The famous man of culture, Louis Hourticq mentioned at one point that “Plastic language does not know, like literature, linguistic borders; it passes easily over countries and centuries.” We will thank all artists from the various geographical meridians who have expressed their desire to participate in BIGMIA-8, and I ask them not to lose interest in the next editions. But the same interest must be in the extensive and elaborate program of the “INTER-ART” Foundation, the foundation having for several years, an agenda with a wealth of international projects and connections with thousands of artists of all nationalities.

Other thanks go to my fellow jury members, namely, the renowned visual artist and PhD, Mr. Dorel Gaine-Gerendi, the visual artist Ms. Anca Sas, but also Mrs. Elena Cristea, visual artist and secretary of the committee. And in particular, we thank Mr. Stefan Balog, visual artist and organizer of artistic events, constantly admiring him for all his energy and time, both in the service of culture and for his fellow guild colleagues. tefan Balog can be considered himself an “institution” of culture. He is an excellent cultural manager and can already be said to have given birth, for some time now, to the “ Inter-Art Aiud Phenomenon”. How the judging was carried out: The organizer forwarded to each member of the jury the images collected after all the creations entered the competition, without mentioning the names of the authors. So each image corresponded to one number. After a wide-ranging procedure of impartial evaluation according to the set of artistic criteria (originality, artistic conception, aesthetic value, contribution, technical rigour, etc.), a of 17 creations from a total number of 220 creations from 97 participating artists representing 33 countries. Each member of the jury, independent of each other, ranked the creations. Each creation acquired a specic score, then the total was calculated and thus the order of the prizes was nalized.

Unequivocally, the city of Aiud is part of number the list of signicant cities around the world that support and promote this artistic route – SMALL GRAPHICS.

Răzvan-Constantin CARATĂNASE
President of the jury


Aiud, now, summer of 2021. The long journey of this edition of the Biennale of Small Graphics ends with the online meeting for the judging. An ending transformed into a celebration of joy, which brought the abnormality imposed by the still aggressive murmur of the pandemic that ravages the planet, to the elective normality of the joy of the three jurors and organizers meeting for art, passion, life and of course for the Small Graphics.

Small Graphics, seen and practiced, as excellence of thought and deed, where the thought can y in the vast amplitudes of freedom and creativity but where the deed invites to chosen and dicult attempts of the craftsman’s thoroughness, reciousness and perfection. Small Graphics loved, made and sent from the vast expanse of almost all continents of the planet. Small Graphics fullled in excellence, whether it is a celebration of harsh conditionings of the professionalism and craftsmanship of the territories of engraving, or it reveals itself in amazing approaches of new techniques and experiments, which of course did not make it easy to judge but oered this judging the delights of meeting with wonderful works, one more excellent than the other. So it is appropriate to thank the artists and the works they have made and conclude that: Small graphics generate great joy.

Jury member


Being part of the jury for the 8’th edition of the “Inter-Art” Intercontinental Biennale of Small Graphics was a journey. Having so many works to analyze can easily become overwhelming, but I left aside my inner artist or preferences and I treated each and every work with cold rational thinking rst. After that the art works have to do their magic and charm the jury with any kind of stories that they were given by their creators.

Anca Sas
Jury member

The “Inter-Art” Foundation and the „Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud are organising in 2021 the eighth edition of the “Inter-Art” Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics, in Aiud

The Biennial inaugurates a new tradition in Aiud, so as to illustrate its title of CITY OF ARTS. Furthermore, this Biennial is one of its kind, if we think about what intercontinental means, as the organizers are counting on the participation of artists from all the continents and decided to break down the event into four segments representing four geographical areas, comprising all the continents: Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Four exhibitions will be organised in four different locations.

Fundaţia „Inter-Art” Aiud şi Centrul Multicultural „Liviu Rebreanu” Aiud organizează, începând din anul 2006 Bienala Intercontinentală de Grafică Mică „Inter-Art” Aiud.

Bienala propune o nouă tradiţie pentru Aiud ca ORAŞ AL ARTELOR, şi aduce o premieră în ce priveşte definiţia de intercontinental, organizatorii dorind participarea artiştilor de pe toate continentele şi să compartimenteze evenimentul în patru segmente reprezentând cinci zone geografice care includ toate continentele lumii: Europa, America de Nord şi Sud, Asia, Africa şi Oceania.